Tuesday, 1 June 2010


So I'm about to move out of my house in Crookesmoor and back to my parents' house in Intake. I packed up all my stuff in boxes and my mum came and took it all back to their place today. I'm left here with just an empty room, which hasn't looked this neat in ages, and my PC, which I'll take with me when I leave for good tomorrow. I just have to get my room checked over by the landlord tomorrow, hand my keys in, and then I'm off. I enjoy sleeping in an empty room you're about to move out of. It's exciting because change is happening. Even though I am only moving to the other side of Sheffield for the moment, I'm really moving because uni has finished and in under two months I'll be starting my job in Japan.

Being a student and having studied abroad recently I've moved about quite a bit, so I'm used to the process. Every time I move my pile of belongings gets smaller and smaller, and this time I made a real conscious effort to keep as little as possible, ending up filling about 6 black bin liners with stuff I don't need. The stuff I have left is mostly books, DVDs and CDs, along with my drum kit, and that'll all go up in my parents' attic. But having learnt what I need and don't need in Japan, the belongings I'll take with me this time are very few.

This house I've lived in during fourth year hasn't been that great, but the surrounding area of Crookesmoor is; I've lived here for two years in total, my house from second year being just around the corner. The area's perfect for students because it's close to uni and there's loads of parks and shops nearby. I imagine my apartment and its surroundings in Aomori City are gonna be pretty different, but I'm looking forward to living in my own place and getting to know the local area out there.

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