Monday, 10 May 2010

Work yesterday

Working at Pizza Hut yesterday was a lot of fun. I ended up working a 7 hour shift, which is longer than usual, and I find the longer the shift, the better, not to mention you're earning more money, obviously. It just feels a bit pointless going to work for a 3 hour shift.

When I was waiting at the tram stop after work this old guy came over and asked me when the next one was coming. I told him they come every twenty minutes, and then he told me how he usually catches the bus, but on a Sunday they sometimes don't come, which he described as "dodgy". That turned into a rant at the price of bus/tram fares from the both of us and then we got onto the subject of politics when he started complaining about Labour and the state the country was now in because of them. We talked about how he vaguely remembered Britain's last hung parliament in 1974, and then how he'd served in the forces all his life and been all over to Somalia, West Germany and Northern Ireland. He showed me the army badge he carried around in his wallet as well.

Talking to old people is like getting a glimpse into the past and the way this country used to be. It's gotta be strange and disorientating for the old people now to be living in a society where things are completely different to what they grew up with. They've seen a lot of changes, and a breakdown in the social fabric of Britain (chatting to a stranger in public would have been commonplace 30 years ago, but I wonder if in another 30 years time it'll still happen), and whilst there've also been a lot of positive changes as well, these are often disregarded because "things aren't like they used to be". Growing old is a funny thing but we've all gotta do it.

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