Thursday, 13 May 2010

Underoath gets new drummer

One of my fave bands, Underoath just got a new drummer, for a while at least. They announced on Facebook this week that a guy called Daniel Davison is gonna be filling in behind the kit as the band write new material, record their next album and tour. But apparently he's not officially a band member yet.

When Aaron announced he was leaving Underoath a few weeks ago some thought the band's best days could be behind them. So often you see a band member leave and get replaced by someone with no personality who brings nothing new to the band, but Underoath's choice in Daniel Davison couldn't be better. Davison was the former drummer for Norma Jean, a band who I managed to catch at Corporation in 2007 on the Southern Blood Tour, which, by the way, had an amazing lineup and ranks as one of the best shows I've been to - Norma Jean, He Is Legend, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster and The Showdown. Having recorded the seminal, Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child and a couple of other decent albums with Norma Jean, Davison left in 2007, and hasn't been playing drums for anyone since, but I'm excited to see how his collaborations with Underoath work out. Whilst Davison is a massively heavy hitter, much like Aaron, I find the two's drumming styles to be quite dissimilar on the whole. Whereas Aaron has quite a precise, repetitive style with a tight production sound, Davison's style is more loose, with heavy use of the toms and a more organic, natural production sound. But the thing I'm most pleased about is that Davison has bags of personality in his playing, and will surely bring something positive to Underoath's sound. In fact, Davison did actually help out Underoath on their last album, recording additional drums on one of the tracks, "Desperate Times, Desperate Measures", so he's no stranger to the band. I'm looking forward to seeing how Underoath continue their progression as a band now that they have no original members left, but Davison on board, and I wouldn't bet against him sticking around for the long term. The band are scheduled to be recording a follow up to 2008's Lost in the Sound of Separation soon.

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