Friday, 28 May 2010

It's over

I had my one and only exam of the semester yesterday, and assuming I passed, I'm now done with uni forever. Of course I still have my graduation ceremony to attend in July, but no more classes, homework or exams from here on out.

The exam was at the Sheffield Wednesday stadium in the Sheridan Suite, and after attending numerous home games this season, being at Hillsborough for me is usually associated with some kind of disappointment or defeat. The exam was on Japanese language, and although it was 1 hour shorter than the 3 hour exams we're used to, it was fairly difficult. However, I was inspired by the pictures of John Sheridan (Wednesday player from the 80s and 90s) all over the walls, and I'm pretty sure I did enough to pass. It's still a long wait to find out for sure whether I've got my degree and what class it is though.

When the exam had finished our year group all caught the tram back to the university and grabbed a bit of lunch and a beer in the Union. After that, a couple of staff from the School of East Asian Studies had arranged to take photos of us all in Weston Park. And when that had finished I headed home and let it finally sink in that uni is over. My 18 year journey of education ends here, and I'm now entering the world of work. I do have two months of respite, and I'm gonna enjoy chilling with my folks back at home, working at Pizza Hut and watching the World Cup. I am really looking forward to starting my job as a CIR in Aomori though, so August can't come soon enough to be honest.

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