Tuesday, 25 May 2010


So I found out where I'm going to be working from August, and it's a place called Aomori City in Aomori Prefecture. It literally means 'Blue Forest City' and reminds me of something out of Pokémon. It's not somewhere I know much about. I only knew that it was in the north of Honshu when I opened the letter, but since then I've done a lot of research, and I'm well excited to be going now.

The letter of notification along with the handbook was delivered to my parents' house on Saturday. I'd spoken to the JET office the day before and knew the letter would be coming, so I phoned my dad up in the morning and asked if he'd seen any packages. Turns out my mum was working at Pizza Hut at the same time as me later that day so she had taken it into work. When my shift had finished I picked up the package and went home without opening it. It was a weird feeling knowing that my future was inside this envelope, but after grabbing a shower I opened it up and saw the words 'You have been placed in Aomori Prefecture, Aomori City'. I then quickly jumped on the internet and tried to find out as much as possible about the place.

As I said, it's not a place I knew anything about really. I didn't put it down as one of my choices, although I did say in the interview I'd be willing to go anywhere. It's a shame I didn't get placed in Kansai, as that's where all my mates are, but I wasn't expecting to get placed there anyway. I'm pleased with Aomori City. It's a whole new region and culture for me, and it sounds like I've landed the best of both worlds, as the prefecture as a whole is fairly rural, but Aomori City is the most urban place within the prefecture.

Next I'm waiting to hear from my predecessor, then attending a pre-departure orientation in London in about a month, then in about two months I'll be in Japan. Today though I have to print off and hand in my final ever assignment. I'm off to the library then.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck dude, I seem to recall another Joe who spent some time in Aomori Prefecture, although not in Aomori City. He seemed to really like it.

26/05/2010, 16:30  
Blogger Jephso said...

I actually used to read this guy's blog and commented on it a few times. I forgot it was Aomori he was based in. Cheers Hummy. Looks like he's gonna be a CIR this year in Toyama. It's a good job we're both not in Aomori, could get confusing.

26/05/2010, 17:21  
Blogger 正章 said...


29/05/2010, 08:41  
Blogger Jephso said...

寒そうですね。一年のうち6ヶ月雪が降るらしいです。東北弁が分かりにくいですが、青森に住んでしばらくしたら自分も東北弁で話すようになるでしょう。東北弁ってダサい感じがするって聞いたけど haha

29/05/2010, 11:13  

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