Friday, 7 May 2010


As this week draws to an end, I only have two more weeks of uni left now. Before the end of May I have to complete my dissertation (deadline is next Friday), perform a 15 minute presentation in Japanese, do a translation for my Japanese literature class and take an exam, but then I'll be done, completely. And I'll also have found out where I'll be placed in Japan by the end of the month, so it's a time of great change and anticipation right now. Can't wait to graduate and get back out to Japan to be honest though.

Last week it was my grandparents' golden wedding anniversary, so that whole side of our family went out for a carvery meal in the afternoon.  It was great to see everyone, as it's not something that happens very often these days.  When you're a kid you're always hanging out with your cousins and aunties and uncles, but it becomes a rare occasion as your grow older.  It'll definitely be the last time I see some of those guys before leaving for Japan, and I was talking to one of my younger cousins who's gonna join the army, so who knows when we'll see each other next.  It's always good to see my grandparents (from my mum's side) as well.  They've always been supportive of everything their grandkids have done and you couldn't wish for better grandparents.  They're pretty inspirational, especially when you think they've been married 50 years now.  We all had fun looking through their wedding photos from 50 years ago - they looked right different, all young and dressed in their 1960s clothes. It's weird as well, because there was a photo that included one of my best mate's grandfathers - he was good friends with my grandparents back then.  How strange that they were friends 50 years ago, and then two of their grandchildren ended up becoming mates and playing in a band together.

Yesterday I went to vote in the general elections.  The results are in now, and this year is pretty historic as it's the first 'hung parliament' for more than 30 years.  Now everyone's waiting to see if any of the parties will buddy up and form government together.  Everyone thought that this year might have been a bit more of a three horse race with the Liberal Democrats being more involved.  I even heard about some pre-election opinion polls which put the Lib Dems as the most popular party, and this was all basically because of the televised debates between the three party leaders that took place recently.  It's the first time these American-style debates have ever taken place in the UK, and the Lib Dem leader performed especially well on them, leading many to think this could be the year when the Lib Dems really made an impact.  But it turns out they were wrong, as they've ended up getting even less seats than in the last election.  Right now there's a possibility they'll go on to form a coalition with the Conservatives though.

But all these changes might not affect me as much as the next person, as I'm not even gonna be here for the next few years.  Also, I'm quite apathetic towards politics in general, but nevertheless, this year's election has been an interesting one, and marks the first time I've voted in a general election.

Politics on my blog?  What next?...

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08/05/2010, 12:47  
Blogger Jephso said...

そうですね。日本の田舎の生活もしてみたいですけど haha


08/05/2010, 13:20  
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08/05/2010, 16:09  
Blogger Jephso said...


08/05/2010, 23:38  
Blogger 正章 said...

Thank you for your comment again!!I'll do my best to work in the UK someday. Anyway, please tell me a location where you'll be posted as soon as you'll notified!!


09/05/2010, 15:03  

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