Wednesday, 28 April 2010

"My Destiny" by Andrew W.K.

"My Destiny" by Andrew W.K. is a song you have to hear to believe.

I've never let anyone hear this song before. I'm deeply humiliated and embarrassed at the thought of anyone hearing it. This is probably the most intense and personal song I've ever recorded – it's called My Destiny and it was written and recorded when I was 17.

You can hear the track on the Guardian website and read about why it was written and the juvenile restraining order it earned Andrew. Here's an excerpt from the lyrics:

Drove Past Your Doorway Fifteen Times
I Don't Want To Cause You Harm
Harm – That's What You're In For
If You Don't Open Your Door

So I'll Keep Knocking A Million Times
I Will Knock Until My Knuckles Bleed
Bleed – That Blood Will Leave A Stain
On You Forever

Apart from the obvious darkness and extreme creepiness of this track, it's an interesting piece because it's so intense. Recorded when he was 17, it's typical Andrew W.K. because he's pouring every ounce of emotion into the track, and I believe that's the best kind of music (you can even hear a signature piano trill here that appears in much of his later work).

I've been into Andrew W.K. for a while now. I love the passion, energy and extremeness of his personality and music - it's pretty inspirational. And even though there's some controversy over the legitimacy of his act (sparked by this video series), it only adds to the intrigue.



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