Friday, 9 April 2010

Joe in Japan: The Sequel, coming this summer

So it's with great excitement that I announce I've been accepted onto the final short-list for JET CIR applicants, which means that, should my medical and police check go fine, I'll be heading back to Japan this summer to work. I'm pretty chuffed to be honest. I've been waiting to hear back about this job since I took the interview down at the embassy in London two months ago, and it's been annoying not knowing for so long. I did have a backup plan to travel to Canada if I didn't land this job, but that's not necessary anymore.

A big brown envelope came through the letterbox this morning and I knew it was from JET as it had a stamp on the back saying so. I pulled back the top of the envelope which seemed to be already open (maybe the postman had a look), and as soon as I read "It is our great pleasure to inform you" I dashed off on a mad lap of honour round the house. I couldn't stop smiling. The levels of excitement and pleasure match that of getting an NES for my 5th birthday. It was a great relief, firstly to know what I'll be doing next year, but secondly to know that I succeeded in my application. For me this job is perfect and means all sorts of good things.

I've managed to secure a job in this unsure economic climate, and a good paying job at that. And even better is that it's in Japan, which is a fairly hard place to find work if you're a foreigner. Ever since coming back to the UK I've missed certain aspects of Japanese life and I'm chuffed that I'm gonna be able to take part in it all again come this August.

The nature of the role is something I'm really interested in - it's a job working for an organisation called JET, which is run by the Japanese government and sends out English teachers and CIRs (Co-ordinator of International Relations) to Japan. My job will involve translation, interpreting, organising events for international exchange and other tasks, all the while representing Britain in Japan. I'll also be working alongside other Japanese people, which means I'll get to experience a Japanese business environment, and it'll give me the opportunity to really hone my business Japanese. I can't wait to start to be honest. Also, the job prospects after should be pretty good, as people who've worked for JET have gone on to do things like diplomatic jobs with the British government.

It takes a lot of pressure off me regarding uni and earning money from my part-time job as well. If I was going to Canada I'd have had to save up a lot of money before my flight in June, but as JET pay for my flight to Japan I don't have to worry too much about money. And the flight to Japan is in August, so I can work some more at Pizza Hut before then and save up anyway. Also, now I've got a decent job lined up it doesn't matter so much whether I get a high mark for my degree, but obviously I'm still gonna make sure my dissertation is a good piece of work. That's another thing - I've been working on my dissertation so much I haven't had time to practise Japanese at all, and I'm a little rusty, so I'm gonna have to make sure I'm up to scratch again before I depart in August. Shouldn't be hard though. I always find it comes back quickly.

I don't actually know where in Japan I'm headed yet, that's something else to wait for now. I said I wanted to go to Osaka or Kobe preferably, but it could be anywhere. And to be honest, I don't think I'd mind getting put out in the countryside somewhere, but whether I'd be saying that after a few months is a different story. For now, I'm absolutely over the moon and totally looking forward to what the next few years hold.

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Blogger Hummy said...

That's awesome news, well done dude!

10/04/2010, 12:48  
Blogger 正章 said...

Congratulations from Japan! I'm really happy for you!!

10/04/2010, 13:21  
Blogger Jephso said...

Cheers guys. I'm gonna keep writing my blog while I'm out there this time and keep everyone updated about what I'm getting up to, so stay tuned.

10/04/2010, 22:00  

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