Monday, 26 April 2010

Shake Club

Recently I went to Shake Club on Westfield Terrace in town. They have a pretty novel concept in that they take all sorts of confectionery and biscuits, basically anything sweet you can think of, and blend it up into a milkshake. They make over 100 flavours, with some of the weirder ones being fig roll, Werther's Original, Jamaica Ginger Cake, lemon curd and Wagon Wheels, and I'm intrigued to see how some of them like Haribo Starmix and Drumstick Chews actually turn out. I had a Walnut Whip, and although the large was pretty pricey at £2.99 it was pretty tasty. A bit like Subway's 'Sub of the Day', they also have 'Shakes of the Month', which means that certain flavours are cheaper throughout the month, so I'll grab one of those next time. As well as the one in the city centre there's also a Shake Club up at Broomhill.

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