Thursday, 8 April 2010

Drummer leaves Underoath

A couple of weeks back I wrote about going to see Underoath in Leeds, and it was a good job I took the opportunity as Aaron Gillespie, their drummer announced this week that he's leaving the band. It's a shame and quite unexpected. This guy was the only remaining original band member, having been with Underoath from the start, and despite being the drummer he was one of the band's two main vocalists, having a massive influence on and writing much of the band's material.

He made a couple of posts on his Tumblr to clear up questions about his departure, but it's still not clear exactly why he left. He's a killer drummer, live and on record, and his style of playing has definitely given me new ideas and ways of looking at the drum kit. He shaped Underoath's sound so positively and so much with his playing and vocals that I'd go as far as calling him irreplaceable. It'll be interesting to see what Underoath's next move is and it's likely their sound will change considerably, but they could have already written their best album.

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