Thursday, 15 April 2010


Yesterday I went to Chatsworth House to meet with someone who had contacted the East Asian Studies department at Sheffield University looking for Japanese students who would be able to take groups of Japanese tourists round the house. Apparently interest in Chatsworth from Japanese tourists has been increasing lately so the house need extra translators to help show big groups round.

Chatsworth is an area not too far away from Sheffield in Derbyshire, and although I'd never been to the house before, our family used to go to the farm and playground a lot when I was a kid. I remember the playground included a big zip-line and an underground tunnel that always used to get me excited for going. The house is the home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire who still actually live there, but they open up many of the rooms for visitors to go and look round. It must be odd having people look round the place you're living in, but I guess they have to do it to help with the costs of upkeep. It's pretty big and is impressive if only because of the amount of expensive stuff in it - the whole place is filled with valuable items and has massive painted murals all over the walls. Each room is probably worth more than most people's houses.

Yesterday I caught a bus from Sheffield Interchange which stops right outside the house, and after arriving I was given a quick tour by one of the guides there. It sounds like I'm gonna have to look up some specialist vocabulary to prepare for the job, but mainly I'll just be translating what the main tour guide says for my own group of tourists. Although the work won't be that regular, I think it should be a worthwhile experience and something impressive to put on my CV.

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