Sunday, 7 March 2010

Uncle Ed

Last Sunday I watched the fitting finale to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics - Canada's victory against the USA in the men's ice hockey final. It was great to watch it with my uncle who's actually over from Canada at the moment. I'd been told he was coming over for a visit but had forgotten when, so it was a nice surprise when he called me up and asked me to hang out. After a rather dramatic and tense end we were both happy to see the Canadians win, and during the game my uncle was telling me all about Canada and how, although he's originally from Britain, he wants to stay over there long term 'cos it's such a great country, especially for bringing up kids. Chatting to him really got me thinking, and after doing a bit of research, I've found out that as a British citizen you can go over and work in Canada for up to a year, which could be something I could do in the future.

I've been getting into ice hockey quite a bit lately actually. Me and my mates went to see a Sheffield Steelers match for the first time the other week, and then my dad got hold of some free tickets, so I went again. It's a different atmosphere from a footy game, but it's a lot of fun, even if I don't understand all the rules yet.

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