Monday, 29 March 2010

New part-time job

Fulfilling one of my lifetime ambitions to work in a pizza serving establishment, and following in the footsteps of both my parents, at the weekend I started a new part-time job working in the kitchen at Pizza Hut. Well, I say both my parents. My dad did actually get a job there about 20 years ago and went to the induction session, but decided it wasn't for him and turned it down. My mum does work at Pizza Hut now though, and has for the last few years, so she hooked me up to get this job at her branch.

There's been many a time I've partaken in Pizza Hut's fine dining experience, especially the all-you-can-eat lunchtime buffet, so it's interesting to be on the other side of the fence, actually making the pizzas. All the other workers there are sound so far as well, even if it was strange that they seemed to know everything about me from my mum.

The restaurant I work at is near where we used to live at Crystal Peaks, so quite a way from my house in Crookes. That means it takes a while to travel there and back on the tram, but I like that end of town and I don't often get the chance to go back these days. Last night though, a bus broke down on the tram tracks while I was travelling home, illustrating the inherent limitations of trams and meaning I got home pretty late. No big deal though, 'cos it's the Easter break.

OK, back to the dissertation.

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Blogger Yiyuan said...

I've missed so many of ur articles, gonna review them~

02/04/2010, 14:25  
Blogger Jephso said...

Yeah, I started writing posts more regularly. Mate, you should write one of your blog posts in English so I can read it.

04/04/2010, 11:55  
Blogger Yiyuan said...

I'll do that,but don't laugh at my chinglish~T_T

08/04/2010, 03:53  
Blogger Jephso said...

You should write about your new Shantypants haircut, with photos.

09/04/2010, 18:15  

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