Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Exam results

I've just received my exam results for last semester and I'm pleased with how they came out - 69 in Japanese and 70 in Korean.

Sucks that I nearly got a 1st in Japanese language, and after coming out of that exam I felt that if I was ever gonna get a 1st it would have been then. But 69 is still my highest mark ever from Japanese, so I'm pleased. And 70 in Korean. I've said it before, but I only seem to get 1sts from modules that aren't Japanese. I'm pretty sure it must have been this video assignment that secured it - our teacher loved it:

I only have 7 weeks of classes left now, a dissertation, one more exam, and then I'm done. I remember in 1st year I'd think how I never wanted to graduate 'cos I enjoyed uni so much. Now I can't bloody wait. It's been a good four years, but I'm totally ready to finish learning and start working. There's a possibility I'll be returning to Japan, but if not I have a sweet backup plan.

My dissertation should be no problem as well. I'm writing it on the dialect of the area where I went to study in Japan - Kansai - and it's going great. I handed in my outline and got a high mark, and the topic is something I'm genuinely interested in, so I'm enjoying writing it. Also, I have the three week Easter break to write the bulk of it, so things are looking good right about now. In fact, I'm enjoying this semester as a whole, especially compared to last semester. Classes back in Sheffield were always gonna seem dull after the year in Japan, but the department here had gone through some changes while we'd been away, meaning the quality of lessons had dropped quite a bit. Everyone was unhappy, mostly with one of our classes which was taught over the internet by a teacher who lives in Switzerland. And while that's still going on this semester, I'm now doing purely Japanese language classes, including a class on translating Japanese literature, which is interesting. Still, bring on graduation.

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