Friday, 5 March 2010

Coach Trip

One of my mates is currently on Channel 4's reality TV show, Coach Trip. He's called Matt and we were in the same Japanese class in 1st year. He lives on the same road as me now, a couple of houses up, and I bumped into him sometime last year and he told me all about Coach Trip. Basically, it's a coach of British couples travelling to various tourist destinations throughout the world, but every day you have to vote for your least favourite couple, who are then replaced by another couple. It's not something I'd watch normally, but the recent episodes have been interesting. Episode 12 especially was pretty good.

It's on Channel 4 every day at the moment at 5pm, but you can catch all the episodes online at Matt's managed to stay on since the start and rarely gets a vote cast against him, so I'm guessing he'll be on it for a while longer.

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