Monday, 1 March 2010

Brian Wilson Live in London

Carrying on a theme from my last post, BBC Four recently broadcast Pet Sounds: Brian Wilson Live in London, a performance of Pet Sounds in its entirety recorded in 2004. Not sure what took the BBC so long to show this on TV, but it's great to see the album performed with a full band and a bit of a contemporary twist. Wilson's sound bites in between each song are priceless as well, and really typify the whole mood of Pet Sounds, showing this iconic, young-boy-in-love concept album was really written from the heart. The show is available for a few more days on iPlayer.

There are also a couple of other related programmes available on iPlayer which I haven't watched yet but look interesting. First, long-running BBC Four series Legends has a new episode called "Dennis Wilson: The Real Beach Boy". And after that I have something called Hotel California: LA from the Byrds to the Eagles lined up. You can't beat the BBC for quality programming.

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