Monday, 22 February 2010

Hearing a familiar song with completely different vocals

I just heard a track called There, Now I've Said It by Further Seems Forever. It's a track from the band's greatest hits album, Hope This Finds You Well and was originally an unreleased outtake from FSF's second album, How To Start A Fire. What's interesting is that the music is identical to a track called Bleed from the band's third album, Hide Nothing, but the vocals are completely different. In fact, the singer is different as well, as Further Seems Forever had a different vocalist on each of their three albums.

Both are great tracks, and There, Now I've Said It should have been included on How To Start A Fire in my opinion, but I guess the band thought it was too good a song to waste and Jon Bunch rewrote the vocals when he recorded Hide Nothing.

I can't decide which one's better, but they're both amazing, and makes me remember how great this band were. Glad I got to see them at Corporation with Bunch on vocals before they split up.

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